A trip down memory lane

lh 1913 2

Photo by Gregory R.C. Hasman

A trip down memory lane is a cliché, but for a road-a-holic such as myself it is an appropriate one.

In August I took a trip from Green River to Rock Springs on a 1913 Lincoln Highway alignment. The 15-mile trip was filled with peaks and valleys with a side of uncertainty.

On the left  were vistas and buttes  and on the right was the conveyor belt, also known as Interstate 80. After several hills and a few sharp curves the soul went from feeling adventurous to where am I heading? Is there an end in sight?

After reaching the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and U.S. Highway 191 I was feeling calm again.

The experience, however, paled in comparison to when roads weren’t paved and driving was a relatively new phenomenon.

In 1915, Louise Graf, a Green River resident, drove to Rock Springs on the same bumpy, rocky and adventurous route.

“If you had a car, it was an all -day trip. If you didn’t have a flat or two on the trip, you were doing good,” she said. “Roads were dirt, not even graded. There wasn’t enough room for two cars to pass each other. If there was a car coming, you had to finagle your way through.”

The Lincoln Highway was Graf’s interstate. The uncertainly of the new road and how the car would handle the journey was as much a challenge as getting to her destination.

I did not encounter any flats, just an hour’s journey with an appreciation for what Graf’s generation had to deal with.

lh 1913 1

Photo by Gregory R.C. Hasman

2 thoughts on “A trip down memory lane”

  1. Interesting. Have you been able to catch Ken Burns’ Horatio ‘ s Drive? It is an extremely interesting documentary and one of my favorites of his. I try to watch it whenever in is aired on PBS. Horatio made his journey from California to New York and Vermont in 1903 with only a bicycle mechanic and a pooch fir companions. The documentary was first aired in 2003. Horatio was quoted as stating the the pooch .was the only one of the trio who did not use profanity during the journey.

    1. I have heard of it, but I have not watched it. They drove across parts of the Lincoln Highway in Green River, Wyoming.

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